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Force Modernization

for the Warfighter

What it does

Our patented Modular Quick Release System (MQRS) reduces the time it takes to set up a soldier’s flak vest or rig from up to 1 hour, down to 1 minute. Save time, money, and increase mobility. 36 times faster, works with all Molle and Molleminus

Modular Quick

Release System (MQRS)

  • Two Unique Systems of Molle Attachment.
  • The “lego” for the military – all the modularity of Molle/PALS in seconds without damaging your fingertips looping and swooping.
  • Works with all existing Molle gear so no need to buy new equipment. MQRS makes you faster, lighter, more lethal. Holds over 100 lbs. per clip
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Step 4
Reduce Injury and Back Pain from Excessive Weight loads carried in the field and during training.
Reposition gear securely on the fly.
Adapts to your body and not the other way around.

Works with all Molle or Molle minus systems, holds over 100 pounds per clip. Tested in the field and held a 250 soldier securely. Can be attached in seconds not minutes, saves over an hour in gear preparation during training so you can spend more time running missions.

Works with biomedical gloves on so you’re not exposed in the field.

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